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Covid-19 Coronavirus

Yoga House Wales Closed until 31 May 2020


We still seem free of the coronavirus at Yoga House Wales, but from conversations we’ve had with several retreat organisers over the past week we recognise that many have had to make some difficult decisions about scheduled retreats at Yoga House Wales. We, too, have faced some tough calls.


Our own decision-making has been informed by the government’s announcements over the past week. And while there are still many unanswered questions, it is now clearer how we will have to proceed at Yoga House Wales.


We have therefore decided to close Yoga House Wales until at least the end of May. This means we won’t be able to go ahead with the retreats booked up to 31 May 2020.


We are in active talks with various organisations to determine the impact of closure. We may need to extend the period of closure based on their guidelines. The government’s own guidelines may also mean we have to remain closed for longer.


Some of the affected retreats have been offered alternative dates for later in the summer, and some organisers already have reservations with us for the autumn. We hope we can facilitate retreats at Yoga house Wales for these later dates. Depending also on how long we have to remain closed, we have offered organisers options of holding retreats during our normally-closed periods of August and early December.


Until we can welcome you here again to Yoga House Wales, please stay safe and well.







How we’re handling the Coronavirus at Yoga House Wales


Although we tend to think that we’re far away from the crowds at Yoga House Wales, we’ve taken sensible precautions here to minimise the risk of the coronavirus to both ourselves, and to you as our guests, during your retreats here.


As normal procedure, we have a good supply of alcohol-based hand sanitiser to share with our guests, a good stock of tissue, latex gloves, piping-hot water and soap, and a high level of hygiene and cleanliness.


It may be that illness — or anxiety — will strike those of you planning to come here on a retreat, and we’re aware that the coronavirus might be carried to us here by one of our guests. We would encourage all of our guests to take normal reasonable precaution about their and others’ health safety if they (or members of their immediate families or close acquaintances) feel unwell, and to be aware of their contacts and recent travel history.


We always strongly advise organisers, and group attendees, to have relevant insurance in place in case of matters just like this, so should we or an organiser need to cancel a retreat, or a guest be unable to fulfil their booking, then you may have some recourse to compensation.


We’ll continue to take advice from Public Health Wales and other government agencies, from Visit Wales and Business Wales, and keep this page up-to-date if decisions we have to take will affect you.


Barring any unforeseen eventualities, Yoga House Wales is operating as usual and looking forward to welcome you here.



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