Terms and conditions


1. General

1.1 In these Terms and Conditions, the following definitions apply:

Yoga House Wales (or The Yoga House Wales, or The Yoga House) means, according to context, either the physical location of The Yoga House Wales at Glandŵr, Tresaith, Ceredigion SA43 2JH or the services offered by Yoga House Wales;

Student means any person who is given instruction by Yoga House Wales;

Class means a yoga class (or any other style of class made available by Yoga House Wales) provided by or on behalf of Yoga House Wales;

Instructor means any person providing instruction to a class;

Registration Form means the registration and health form signed by each Student;

Studio means any instruction space at Yoga House Wales;

Facilities means any facilities provided for instruction, comfort etc at Yoga House Wales;

Services means any service provided by Yoga House Wales;

Website means and or any affiliated website;

Terms and Conditions are as defined here;

You means you as a student or as an user or viewer of this website.

Us means Yoga House Wales, its managers and proprietors.


1.2 These terms and conditions are incorporated into the Registration Form;


1.3 Yoga House Wales reserves the right to change, amend or revoke any of these terms and conditions from time to time. Any such changes will be published on this website and will be binding on all students.


2. Students

2.1 Subject to clause 2.2, when a person has signed a registration form or ticked the terms and conditions online they shall become a student subject to these terms and conditions.


2.2 Acceptance of a person as a student is at the discretion of Yoga House Wales. A person accepted as a student may also be expelled if their conduct is, or is deemed to be in Yoga House Wales’ reasonable opinion, damaging to the welfare of Yoga House Wales and its students, or amounts to a breach of these terms and conditions.


3. Offers

3.1 Yoga House Wales may run promotional offers from time to time. These offers will be subject to their individual terms and conditions which may or may not include some of the whole of these terms and conditions.


4. Prices, payment and booking

4.1 Details of class prices are published on our website, or shall be prices as determined by Yoga House Wales from time to time. Yoga House Wales reserves the right to change any such prices as appropriate.


4.2.1 Classes are limited to the number of students as noted for each class on this website.


4.2.2 Students are required to arrive for their class at least 5 minutes in advance. Students arriving more than 5 minutes late will only be admitted to the relevant class at the discretion of the instructor. Should a student not be admitted, their attendance will be noted as a late cancellation subject to clauses 4.4.1 to 4.4.3 below.


4.3.1 Classes must be booked and paid for in advance either online via the booking portal of this website, or by telephone by calling 01239 811442 to request booking of a space when the student will be required to provide card payment details to confirm, but not pay for, their booking.


4.3.2 The only exception to clause 4.3.1 will be for Post-Natal Yoga classes.


4.3.3 All spaces in all classes will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


4.4.4 Students who turn up for a class on a drop-in basis will only be admitted on a first come first served basis if the required class is undersubscribed. All drop-in students must pay the class fee in cash before the class begins.


4.4.1 Subject to any statutory right of cancellation, payments made for classes are non-refundable unless other wise stated in these terms and conditions.


4.4.2 Classes booked online may be cancelled by giving 24 hours’ notice. Any fees will be credited to the student’s account, and must be redeemed within 4 weeks of the original cancellation.


4.4.3 Classes booked by telephone must be paid for in cash when attending the class. Please ensure you have the correct payment as change cannot always be guaranteed. Any such telephone booking not cancelled by giving 24 hours’ notice, or any payment for class required, will be charged to the card details provided, including any card transaction fees as may be necessary.


4.5 Classes require three or more people in order to take place.


4.6 Classes booked may not be transferred or assigned by a student for use by any other person unless agreed by Yoga House Wales.


4.7 Online booking and payment facilities are provided by and Payment through does not require you to have a Paypal account.


4.8 Booking of Yoga House Wales by third parties for retreats, workshops and courses will be governed by separate contract and agreement.


5. Personal belongings

5.1 Students bring at their own risk any personal belongings to Yoga House Wales.


5.2 Students are requested to dress appropriately for the practice of yoga or other exercise provided. Footwear should be removed at the entrance hallway of Yoga House Wales.


6. Health and fitness

6.1 Each student must familiarise themselves with what classes at Yoga House Wales involve prior to assessing whether they are fit to participate in a class. Students should speak with Yoga House Wales for further information.


6.2 Each student warrants and represents on the date of their acceptance of these terms and conditions and on each occasion that the student attends classes at Yoga House Wales or provided by Yoga House Wales that they are in good physical condition and know of no medical or other condition which may preclude them from engaging in the classes or exercise provided by Yoga House Wales, and that any such classes or exercise would not be detrimental to the student’s health, safety or physical condition.


6.3 Each student is required to complete a registration form when they attend their first class as Yoga House Wales. This registration form will ask some questions relating to the student’s health and fitness background. The instructor must be satisfied that the student’s health and fitness is appropriate for any given class, otherwise the student may be requested not to take part in the class, be signposted to a more appropriate class, or requested to seek further medical advice before undertaking any instruction. The instructor is not medically trained and therefore not qualified to assess, diagnose or give any medical advice. We cannot be liable for any incorrect information supplied by you to us.


6.4 Similarly, should be instructor believe for any reason that a class or instruction is not appropriate for a student, the student may be requested to remove themselves from the class in the interest of their own health and fitness, and to seek further medical advice. The instructor is not medically trained and therefore not qualified to assess, diagnose or give any medical advice.


6.5 Students are advised not to undertake strenuous physical activities without first seeking medical advice if they have concerns over their physical condition. In particular, students with low/high blood pressure and/or cardiac irregularities should not attend class until they have written permission from their doctor. Yoga House Wales reserves the right to refuse access to any student if, in its absolute discretion, it considers that the health of the individual concerned may be endangered by the use of such facilities.


6.6 Students must notify the instructor of any circumstances affecting their health that may be exacerbated through continued use of the facilities.


6.7 Students must follow the instructor’s instructions in class on all occasions.


7. Safety and hygiene

7.1 Smoking is not permitted any where at Yoga House Wales;


7.2 No crockery, glass or food is permitted in the Studio, except for any such items provided by Yoga House Wales.


7.3 Only water is permitted in the Studio.


7.4 If a student has a foot complaint, he or she should not walk barefoot.


7.5 In the event of a fire, students must follow exist instructions as given by the instructor.


8. Privacy

8.1 Yoga House Wales will keep all information given to them by students in confidence. Any such information will not be divulged to any third party except if required to do so by law.


8.2 Yoga House Wales may communicate with students by email, telephone, post or any other means, but will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of communicating with students.


8.3 Use of internet service ar Glandŵr is subject to your agreement of our Conditions of Use as described when you log in to our internet service, and which may be superseded, revised or updated by the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.


8.4 When you use our internet service at Glandŵr, you will be required to provide us with details which are personal to you. We will keep those details secure and never divulge them to a third party unless required to do so by law. We may use those details to communicate with you and to provide you with information regarding Yoga House Wales, Glandŵr, or other entities associated with us, which we think may be of interest to you.


8.5 You may instruct us at any time to remove your details from our database and to not contact you further unless your further consent is subsequently given. You contact us by email at croeso [at] with “Delete” as your email subject header.


9. Limitation of liability

9.1 Yoga House Wales cannot be held responsible for any service or equipment not being available for whatever reason. Yoga House Wales reserves the right without notice and at its absolute discretion to make alterations to the facilities provided. Yoga House Wales shall not be liable for any loss occasioned by such alterations, except in so far as loss is, by law, incapable of exclusion.


9.2 Yoga House Wales accepts no liability for loss or damage to property or injury or illness of students at Yoga House Wales except in so far as such loss, damage, or injury is, by law, incapable of exclusion.


9.3 Yoga House Wales will try to make sure that all of the information contained on this website or on any other material published by Yoga House Wales, is correct. However Yoga House Wales does not accept any liability for any error or omission, and excludes all liability for any action you, your legal representatives or heirs may take, or loss or injury you may suffer (direct or indirect, including loss of pay, profit, opportunity or time, pain and suffering, any direct, consequential or special loss, however arising) as a result of relying on any information on this website or provided through any service supplied by Yoga House Wales to you.


9.4 You, your legal representatives and your heirs release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue Yoga House Wales and its instructors for any injury or death caused by their negligence or other acts.



9.6 Yoga House Wales is insured for all other matters with HIUA – Hospitality Insurance Underwriting Agencies – Policy number ARG/GH/000759 (or as annually renewed)and have Public Liability Insurance at an indemnity of £2,000,000.


9.7 Should the aforementioned policies expire and details of their replacements not published in these Terms and Conditions, details of their replacements may be requested by you from Yoga House Wales.


10. Use of this website

10.1 This website may only be used for the personal use of the user or viewer. Copyright and intellectual property rights to all elements on this website are vested in Yoga House Wales and may not be reproduced in any manner or in any form unless granted permission in writing to do so by Yoga House Wales.


10.2 You are not allowed to make copies of any element of this website, or remove or change anything on the website, include or create links to and from the website without our express written authority, or remove or change copyright, trade mark or other intellectual property notices contained in any element or copies thereof.


10.3 You must not use this website to post, upload or otherwise transmit material which is obscene or pornographic, threatening, menacing, racist, offensive, defamatory, infringing on any intellectual property or otherwise unlawful, to harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the rights of others, to misrepresent your identity or status, to hack into this website or any other related computer system, to make excessive traffic demands, deliver viruses or forward chain letters or similar materials that may reasonably expected to inhibit other users from using and enjoying the website or damage or destroy the reputation of Yoga House Wales.


10.4 Yoga House Wales accepts no obligation to monitor use of this website. However Yoga House Wales reserves the right to disclose any information as required by law and/or to remove, refuse to post or to edit any information or materials, to block your access and to take such other action as may by reasonably necessary to prevent any breach of these terms and conditions or any breach of applicable law or regulation.  Yoga House Wales will also in its absolute discretion fully co-operate with law enforcement and other relevant authorities with respect to any investigation of suspected unlawful activity or violation of network security.


10.5 Yoga House Wales may suspend the operation of the website for repair or maintenance work, or in order to update or upgrade the contents or functionality of the website from time to time. Access to, or use of the website, or any websites or pages linked to it, will not necessarily be uninterrupted or error free.


10.6 This website uses third-party portals and facilities to provide services on this website. Yoga House Wales is not liable for the correct functionality or security of any such third-party.


10.7 This website uses cookies to monitor browsing preferences


11. Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Wales, and where applicable the laws of Wales and England.



Hafan Yoga Cymru

Glandŵr, Tresaith, Ceredigion SA43 2JH

01239 811442